The new EISZEIT has begun! The new EISZEIT Kino covers two floors, reached directly from street level on Zeughofstraße in Kreuzberg and now has three new cinemas with digital projection, an expansive foyer with an open kitchen, and a separate smoking area in the Bar. EISZEIT Kino presents a strong and diverse program, continuing the tradition of the original cinema and offers guests a space for meeting and exchanges. EISZEIT is a place for film, discussion, food, and drinks.

Through the renovation of EISZEIT Kino we were able to develop the cinema according to our ideals. This means creating a space where you can spend time, a place where you can meet people and chat about films, and where you can find a strong and diverse cinema program. The focus on communication and a shared experience is central for the new EISZEIT Kino. In this age where movies are increasingly consumed, whether at home or in commercial theaters, we believe in a new concept of cinema, which embraces the joy of the big screen and utilises the best modern film projection. The cinema is a place for community, which for us means smaller, more intimate theaters; an inviting and cosy foyer; a kitchen that offers culinary delights for before and after a film, and a bar for delicious cocktails and a place to smoke.

And of course a film program with personality. EISZEIT Kino is our living room for film, and a place to enjoy cinema, to taste great food and to have a relaxing drink with friends. We invite you to spend some time at EISZEIT, and we hope you feel welcome and find a friendly and open community here.

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