22.-26.11.: 33rd International Short Film Festival Berlin @ EISZEIT

interfilm Berlin organises the Berlin International Short Film Festival as well as interfilm Short Film Distribution. Established in 1982, the festival has years of experience and a growing number of contacts in the international cultural and short film sectors. This has enabled interfilm to forge ongoing links with several significant institutions and hold frequent, regular events, testifying to the festival’s success at bringing the short film format to an ever wider audience.

interfilm’s goal is to search out skilled and creative filmmakers and bring their work together - presenting them in an international, culturally political framework in order to best facilitate the exchange of imaginative ideas. interfilm offers a wide variety of short live-action, animation and documentaries to enthusiastic audiences who value the short film format in its own right. This year's film festival is showing the following short film programs at EISZEIT:

Wednesday, 22.11.2017

  • 19:45 Focus On: Ex-Yugoslavia 04 - Young Calamaties
  • 21:45 Delicacies: Split-Screen - Space and Perspective

Thursday, 23.11.2017

  • 19:45 Delicacies - Metropolis: Tel Aviv
  • 21:45 Documentary Competition 01: Get Away

Friday, 24.11.2017

  • 19:45 Confrontation Competition 01: At the Sharp End
  • 21:45 Delicacies: Nightmares!

Saturday, 25.11.2017

  • 19:45 Teenage Riot! 2 - Exit Strategy - Tennscreen at interfilm
  • 21:45 German Competition 02: Foul & Fearful

Sunday, 26.11.2017

  • 19:45 International Competition 01: Animated 1 - The Mind's Eye
  • 21:45 Delicacies: Kapital - Kickoff: 200 years Karl Marx